Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a Wrap!

Great shoot, everyone.
Yesterday at the Boys and Girls Club of Concord, New Hampshire, we had a blast shooting a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the 7DayPSA Competition.  More than 40 actresses drove from points in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island to join in the fun.

We shared a ton of fun, a whole bunch of "hurry up and wait,"
and many rehearsals.  (Never mind who taught you the slightly not quite right handclap movements in the lobby before you went to the gym, ladies!)  Okay, okay, it was ME...I admit it.

And now, while the actresses and our incredibly talented and dedicated crew have returned to life as normal, we last few will be up editing into the wee hours of the night, both here in Portsmouth, NH (visuals) and in Savannah, Georgia (audio).  

And tomorrow a couple of us will drive the final versions -- a 60-, 30- & 20-second PSA -- from here in Portsmouth to Providence, Rhode Island.  By ten o'clock p.m.  And Friday I will sleep.  Maybe.

What an incredible ride--thanks, all, for participating!

(Top photo: Director Adam Jones talks about the next shot. Next Photo: Production Coordinator Adam Donovan types up the logs while Hair & Make-Up Artist Annette Sousa watches the next shot.  Above: Production Assistant Heather Anderson helps the actresses remember their lines. Below: the crew grabs the dolly shot of our fabulous actresses; crew, left to right, include Swing Erik Jones, Dolly Grip Paul Querceto, Boom Operator Brian Gregg, and on Audio Stan Barker.  Center photos by Producer/Editor Marc Dole; top & bottom by a friend of the production team.)


Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful time and I wish you all the very best of luck!!
Maria Dowling

Krystal said...

Please please put your winning PSA up, I cannot wait to share it with the potential teams up here in Maine!