Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here's "To the Power of You!" - Our PSA

Thanks to everyone who helped us pull off this project--the 7DayPSA competition entry for Big Sisters of Rhode Island that garnered five awards:

  • Best Public Service Announcement - Smoky Quartz Productions
  • Best Director - Adam Jones
  • Best Cinematography - Gary Anderson
  • Best Editing - Marc Dole
  • Official Client Selection
We'll supply a link to the sixty-second video clip of the Public Service Announcement soon.  In the meantime, surf to the 7DayPSA website where you can link to Big Sisters of Rhode Island, which will also host a copy of the PSA.  For those of you who live in the Rhode Island television market, watch for our PSA as it begins airing next week.

Read more about our awards and our process at the NH Film & Television blog.

(Photo above of the video paused in mid-clap, surrounded by the five trophies awarded to the Smoky Quartz Production team.)

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