Saturday, January 30, 2010

We're Casting!

Non-union Actresses - Ages 7-15 AND 20-n-OVER* needed for On-camera for 7DAYPSA competition project shooting in New Hampshire, exact place TBA on Tuesday, February 2 (likely from 3-6 PM).  The winning public service announcements will be shown for one year on Rhode Island television stations and longer on the web site for Big Sisters of Rhode Island.  For more information on the competition, go to

*We need 10 to 25 PAIRS of Ethnically Diverse** younger actresses/older actresses (to represent Big Sisters/Little Sisters pairing groups).  

**We'd like to compliment the populations already served by our client; accordingly, if we can match the percentages approximately as the client's currently exists, it would look similar to this: 
African American (Little sisters - 10%/Big Sisters - 4%)
Asian (Little - 1%/Big - 1%)
Caucasian (Little - 48%/Big - 84%
Hispanic (Little - 18%/Big - 3%)
Native American (Little - 3%/Big - 7%)
Other Multiracial (Little - 20%/Big - 1%). 

Email picture and resume ASAP to:
Producer: dana biscotti myskowski
Subject Line: “7DAYPSA Casting”

(Photo above of Dana and her daughter Abby outside her school at the time, Trinity High School in Manchester.  Now she's in college.  Oy. Where does the time go?)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crewing Up

Bravo to the Rhode Island International Film Festival for launching the 7 Day PSA Competition.  It offers cash-strapped non-profits the opportunity to gain a professionally produced set of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that will be distributed to local media outlets, while also permitting filmmakers and students to hone their craft and strut their stuff.  

It's an all-volunteer effort and we appreciate the opportunity to participate on Thursday, January 28 - February 4.  While I will produce and write for our agency team, Smoky Quartz Productions, Adam Jones will direct and Gary Anderson will DP.

Follow our progress as we gather a list of potential locations, possible actors, musicians, and crew....

(Photos of Gleason Falls, Hillsborough, N.H. & of the White Mountains, Madison, N.H. by Jan Myskowski.)