Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Matt's Story" Wins Two Telly Awards!

In a field of more than 11,000, the team that volunteered to produce the seven-minute video for the Concord Boys and Girls Club wins both First and Second Highest Honors in this year's Telly Awards.

The New Hampshire production team that originally met in the Concord Boys and Girls Club to produce the Emmy-nominated Public Service Announcement for the Rhode Island Big Sisters, has landed the top honor—a  Silver Telly Award (Cinematography)—and the second-highest honor—a Bronze Telly Award (Fundraising Video)—for “Matt’s Story,” produced for the Concord Boys and Girls Club’s Breakfast of Champions fundraising event. 

Since 1978 Telly Awards have been honoring the work of creative video artists from the 50 states and around the globe. Annually, more than 11,000 entries are judged by over 500 professionals and prior award winners, and rated on a scale of one to ten.

Those projects that earn a nine or ten are awarded the highest honor: the Silver Telly Award; only seven to ten percent of all entries earn this highest honor. The Silver Telly in Cinematography for “Matt’s Story” is awarded to Kent Rich of Granite River Studios.

Bronze Telly Awards are given to the projects that earn a 7.0 to 8.9 score. Roughly 18 to 25 percent of all submissions receive this Finalist Prize. The Bronze Telly in Fundraising Video for “Matt’s Story” is awarded to the entire production team.

The Silver rather than the Gold is the highest award possible in the annual Telly Awards, as originally directed by the award’s founder. The Gold Telly Award is reserved for Classic Telly Award Winners, an honor that, according to the company, is presented approximately every five years.

Last year's crew answered a call by the Concord Boys and Girls Club to produce the seven-minute video for the Club's first annual fundraising breakfast. The video featured Matt Anderson, a young man who grew up in the Club, and one of his counselors, Tom Parizo, plus interviews with Mr. and Mrs. Anderson about their son.

Many of the crew were pulled from the original Smoky Quartz Productions team, which earlier in the year produced the Emmy-nominated Public Service Announcement, "To the Power of You." That project won Best Public Service Announcement in the inaugural 7DayPSA Competition sponsored by FLICKERS in Rhode Island.

Joining us on the "Matt's Story" project were:

Executive Producer - Carol Morse
Director - Adam Jones
Director of Photography - Kent Rich
Editor - David Bradley
Art Director - Mary-Catherine Jones
Set Decorator - Susan Tinkham
Hair & Make-Up - Annette Sousa
Lighting Assistant - Tom Dooley
Production Assistants - Leo & Abby Myskowski

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


That's right! Just heard from Duncan Putney of the Rhode Island 7DayPSA Competition that Smoky Quartz Productions has been nominated for an EMMY Award! More information and any applicable links posted soon!

Thanks to our outstanding cast & crew for all your help in this incredible project!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Can't we all just work together?

Study of a birdhouse; charcoal by Leo Myskowski.

I wish I were pulling the entire Smoky Quartz Productions Cast and Crew together for our video project with the Concord Boys & Girls Club! What happy memories of last year, about this time.

This year my skeletal crew and I are interviewing four Concord Boys & Girls Club members at three locations: Suncook, Concord, and Hopkinton. Each of the kids and the one young adult who grew up in the Club has a remarkable story to tell, though I'm not sure what those stories are yet as I prep my list of questions for them.

Thanks to all who have worked with us in the past. Here's hoping we get to work together again soon!


2011 Concord Boys & Girls Club Crew:
Carol Morse, Executive Producer
Kent Rich, DP, Audio, and Editor
Susan Tinkham, Set Decorator/Art Designer
Kevin Mason & Patrick Witherell, Production Assistants
Leo Myskowski, Director's Assistant
Dana Biscotti Myskowski, Producer/Director

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Latest Project - "Matt's Story" video

Got a few of the Smoky Quartz Crew* together for another volunteer project, this time helping the Boys & Girls Club of Concord & Allenstown, NH. We produced a seven-minute video, entitled "Matt's Story," for their Breakfast of Champions Fund Raiser, which you can see on YouTube.  Enjoy!

*Crewing up with us for this 7-minute project were:
- Adam Jones, Director
- Carol Morse, Executive Producer
- Kent Rich, DP & Audio
- Tom Dooley, Lighting Assistant
- Mary-Catherine Jones, Art Director
- Susan Tinkham, Set Designer
- Annette Sousa, Hair & Make-up
- Dave Bradley, Editor
- Abby & Leo Myskowski, Production Assistants
- Dana Biscotti Myskowski, Producer

- Matt Anderson
- Tom Parizo
- Lorry & Paul Anderson

Special Thanks to:
- Christopher Emond
- Bob Carter
- Krystyna Anderson
- The Christa McAuliffe Planetarium
- NHTI, Concord's Community College
- The Red Blazer Restaurant & Pub
- The Boys & Girls Club

(Thanks to P.A. Leo Myskowski for his artwork; PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity & Respect.)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here's "To the Power of You!" - Our PSA

Thanks to everyone who helped us pull off this project--the 7DayPSA competition entry for Big Sisters of Rhode Island that garnered five awards:

  • Best Public Service Announcement - Smoky Quartz Productions
  • Best Director - Adam Jones
  • Best Cinematography - Gary Anderson
  • Best Editing - Marc Dole
  • Official Client Selection
We'll supply a link to the sixty-second video clip of the Public Service Announcement soon.  In the meantime, surf to the 7DayPSA website where you can link to Big Sisters of Rhode Island, which will also host a copy of the PSA.  For those of you who live in the Rhode Island television market, watch for our PSA as it begins airing next week.

Read more about our awards and our process at the NH Film & Television blog.

(Photo above of the video paused in mid-clap, surrounded by the five trophies awarded to the Smoky Quartz Production team.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Signed, sealed, delivered...

It's in.  Our entry into the 7DayPSA competition.  Maybe now we can sleep....

Director Adam Jones avoids shut-eye syndrome during the editing process.

Producer and editor Marc Dole, CEO of Hatchling Studios, gets "back" to his editing.  We pulled an all-nighter to meet our deadline.